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Our Team

Mitchell Hunt


As CEO of RAPID Platform and Founder of Zapien Group I am most passionate about empowerment. Empowering both individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential is what keeps me motivated By definition, empowerment is to enable others to represent their own interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority – I believe it is empowerment that will help individuals and in turn organisations to succeed.

Whether in the office or at home I am energised by thought provoking conversation, I love to ponder and discuss some of the deep seeded issues we face in today’s society.

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Matthew Franklin

Tyler Watson

Luke Edwards

Kade Stephen

Swagat Ranjit

Denniel Diaz

Tristan Clow

Rojina Shakya

Michael Miranty

Jack Mostert

Alex Litzow

Voytek Michalek

We envision a world where ideas are actionable.

We invest foundations so together we can build solutions to simplify our clients evolving business potential