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Digital Transformation your way

Turn your ideas into a reality, in a matter of clicks.  Build processes and IT systems directly into a working prototype.

Your Data

Your App

Your Process

Your Insights

Your Choice

Your Data

Makes capturing organaisational data easy and accessible for everyone.

Designer is where the action happens. From ideation to development, Designer’s no-code browser-based development environment let’s anyone build powerful applications to capture and store your business’s data.

A simpler way to edit

Oftentimes a big problem with business systems is knowing if you are editing the right field, to the right page, in the right category?

At RAPID we found users often didn’t know, and were reluctant to execute even minor changes in fear it would be wrong. We decided to make our ‘edit pages’ look just like the ‘live pages’, so users always know the changes they are making are in the right place.

Expand at will

RAPID has nearly no limits, you can create as many custom fields as you want. Create as many views of information as you can imagine, and create as many different types of entities for information as your business needs. We don’t limit your creativity

Your App

Customized Experiences when
working with your data.

From Kanban Boards, Gannt Charts to a Task Inbox, RAPID Platform allows you to use specialized experiences when working with your data.

One size doesn’t fit all

RAPID is unlike anything you have worked with before, instead of trying to change the way you work to fit the system we build experiences to work with you. RAPID is built from the ground up, your business is unique and the way your HR department wants to work with and visualise their data is different to the way the Operations team wants to work with theirs.

One platform multiple solutions

Instead of creating and maintaining multiple disparate systems, RAPID is a platform. You can build multiple business solutions in one place. Each system bespoke to its own requirements, as well as the visual look and feel that you need.

Your Process

RAPID incorporates a built-in BPMN 2.0 based process engine.

Workflow lets you store and execute everyday documentation and processes all in one place. Finally all those hours spent creating processes can be not just be documented in a single place, they can be executed as well.

Processes in action

RAPID enables you to document processes that can also be actioned. Once the user starts a process they will be directed down the correct process without even knowing. Creating tasks / actions / triggers for themselves or other departments along the way.

Keeping up to date

Because users are actively working with a created process, not just following a prescribed document, managers are able to understand in real time where the process isn’t working. Identifying where blockers are occurring and are able to update the process instantly ensuring best practice and documentation.

Your insights

Make more accurate decisions based on Real Data.

 Power BI analytics gives you complete visibility over the business, providing you with a greater amount of real data to make more accurate decisions. Embedded within RAPID Platform, so you can hit the ground running and start tracking!

Rich personalised dashboard

Create a unified user experience with customised dashboards & reports that meet you exact needs. Refresh, change or adapt your reports when needed with ease.

Secure report publishing

Set up automatic data refresh & rapidly publish reports, allowing all users to have access to the latest information. Creating immediate and fruitful collaboration.

Simplified answers to complex questions

By having a single data source, PowerBI can be used to find answers using real data in a fraction of the time.

Your Choice

Choose from No code to Full Code.

Sometimes you need a solution quickly and a tailored experience isn’t that important.  Other times speed isn’t paramount but tailoring the user experience is.  We don’t think your technology should support you no matter what the innovation requires.

Control with Full API access

We believe in you being in control of your technology innovation and not having a second class API for them.  We make the API we use for our first party solutions fully available for you to access as well.  All secured by your Microsoft Azure AD so you are always in control.

Integrated with Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft has created some awesome tools to help you automate and speed up your innovation further.  Power Automate lets you integrate with your existing external systems and Power Apps allows you to create simple mobile apps for small bespoke solutions.