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Welcome to RAPID

A unified tool for digital transformation

Customised not
just personalised

When we say customised we mean truly customised, from customised ERP, CRM & Sales Pipeline, bespoke quoting, to subscription or enquiry submissions from web forms, it’s all possible with RAPID. If you can imagine it, you can prototype and build it in RAPID.

You determine what it looks like, specify the width, size and layout options of every page in your system. Decide if you want a dashboard view or GANT or just tables, need a Kanban for projects you can do that too.

Customised not
just personalised

Co-Design is essential

Having virtually limitless options means that your biggest problem is knowing where to start. By coming beside you our in-house or third party consultants will sit with you to map out what it is you are looking for, and what ideally your system could look like.

Prototype quickly

Using RAPID’s no-code browser-based development environment, together or on your own, you can prototype powerful applications to capture and store business data in hours, yes that’s right – hours not weeks. Ready to be tested.

True agile

Once you have a prototype, you can test it, get feedback, retrospect the version, adapt the product or iterate and go again. This is agile in its truest forms, enabling you to involve the users of the business system during the build process.

Single Source Of Truth

Single Source Of Truth

As a customisable platform, RAPID allows you to create business applications that are bespoke to the needs of every department or function within your business.

Bringing together spreadsheets, workflows, process documents, email, and various other forms of business data into a single platform with multiple bespoke views.

Build your own product

RAPID Platform lets you build bespoke solutions for any vertical or business in a matter of hours not days.

Analytics for informed decision making

Having all your business data in one place, and combined with embedded PowerBI analytics, RAPID empowers users to make more accurate business decisions, fast.

With all your reports running off a single data source you can have confidence that nothing has been missed, allowing you to make strategic decision based on data you can rely on.

Analytics for informed decision making

Microsoft at the Core

Bringing together the entire Office 365 Suite, RAPID integrates with all Microsoft Products.


Single Microsoft sign-on to manage multiple tenants.


Track & audit conversation history with Integration of Outlook


Document management integration with SharePoint.

Office 365

Manage Security & Permissions of groups with Teams & Azure AD.

Power BI

Analytics with Embedded Power BI.

You’re in Control

You’re in Control

The best thing about RAPID is it grows with you, gone are the days where you have had to think about every possible scenario during the scoping process. RAPID expands as your business needs grow, start with the most pressing problem today, once that is fixed move on to the next one.
And in case you were wondering your data is always yours, you own it all, even the IP to the applications you build. We are a tool for you to innovate and succeed.