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Welcome to RAPID

A unified tool for digital transformation

A new type of consulting

Changing the way you and your clients scope and work on projects.


Collaborate on the design and construction of projects with your clients, in a no-code environment.


Replace separate organizational and technical documentation with a single functioning prototype.


Empower clients to make minor changes in real-time, so you can spend more time strategically planning.

Single Sign-On

Manage multiple tenants from a single sign in with your Office 365 account.

Microsoft at the core

Bringing together the entire Office 365 Suite, RAPID integrates with all Microsoft Products.


Single Microsoft sign-on to manage multiple tenants.


Track & audit conversation history with Integration of Outlook


Document management integration with SharePoint.

Office 365

Manage Security & Permissions of groups with Teams & Azure AD.

Power BI

Analytics with Embedded Power BI.

A customisable solution for all business

RAPID is a collaborative web application that allows for customised collection and presentations of your business information. Combined with Workflow for process and integrated Power BI support for analytics, RAPID gives your users everything they need in one place.

A customisable solution
for all businesses.

Build your own product

RAPID Platform lets you build bespoke solutions for any vertical or business in a matter of hours not days.

No Code environment

No-Code environment

RAPID Platform is flexible enough for consultants to design complex solutions for their customers without involvement from software engineers. RAPID Platform automatically applies best-practice database design principles which serves as the foundation for your clients’ business data and reporting framework.

Information at a glance

Dive into the details and keep track of the application with RAPID’s built-in Auditing Tracking. Compare items, identify differences and merge changes. Navigate to and restore the system’s history in a matter of clicks.

Universal Linking

Flexibility is key. We understand that the relationship between business data is different for every business. RAPID Platform’s Universal Linking technology enables businesses to relate data in a way that makes sense to them — not just how a computer wants them to.

Save time on future project setup

We don’t like repeating work either. RAPID Platform allows you to package up your industry-specific solutions into a bundle that can be re-deployed quickly and easily to other clients.

White label your future product

Our Marketing Specialists can tailor your templates and custom data solutions for your market.

White label your future product

Our Internal Marketing Teamwork with you to tailor your templates and custom data solutions for your market.